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Will the 2018-2019 Duke Blue Devils be the best college basketball team of all time?

The 2018-2019 college basketball season was looking very good for the Duke Blue Devils. They were able to lock up the number one recruit in the country, R.J Barrett, the number three recruit, Cameron Reddish, and the number ten recruit,... Continue Reading →

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Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Primer: Strategy, Advice, and Sleepers

It is almost September and that means that (fantasy) football season is nearly upon us. Arguably the most important phase of building the perfect fantasy football team is the draft; it will make or break your fantasy football season. While... Continue Reading →

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Ichiro Suzuki: The Best Contact Hitter Baseball Has Ever Seen

LeBron James, Tom Brady, Mozart, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, and Ichiro Suzuki all have something in common: they are masters of their craft. Just as LeBron James is indisputably the best basketball player on the planet, Ichiro Suzuki is the best... Continue Reading →

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NBA’s Next Step: Expanding to Europe

Europe presents an untouched market for the NBA to expand to. The ever-shifting nature of the league makes an expansion across the Atlantic not that far-fetched at all. Basketball is a sport that is rapidly increasing its global brand, and... Continue Reading →

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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 7/5/18

I hope that everyone had an excellent Fourth of July! We have an eight game slate on tap for tonight and in my opinion it is the perfect slate size. There are plenty of options to choose from but being... Continue Reading →


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 7/4/18

Happy Fourth of July everyone! There are three different slates for the Fourth but this article will focus solely on the main slate. As I have stated in previous articles, in my opinion, seven games is the perfect amount for... Continue Reading →

Evaluating Potential Landing Spots for LeBron James

Teams have been lining up for their entry into the LeBron James sweepstakes. After accomplishing his goal of bringing an NBA title to his hometown team, the best basketball player in the world (and probably of all time) will likely... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/28/18

After a slew of fourteen and fifteen game slates, tonight’s four game slate is rather underwhelming. Nevertheless, there are a couple of very interesting spots that I am looking forward to targeting. I am pleased to announce a partnership with... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/27/18

The two players that I had the most exposure to last night were Freddy Peralta and J.D. Martinez. Both players had excellent performances (especially Peralta) and I was glad that my confidence in them was justified. I am pleased to... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/26/18

Last night was a good night for me, but I wish the San Diego Padres had let Joey Lucchesi pitch deeper into the game. There are fourteen games on tap for tonight and that means there are plenty of options... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/25/18

Last night didn’t turn out quite like I expected it to. I fully expected Domingo German to dominate a lackluster Tampa Bay Rays squad, so when he turned in a negative point performance, I was thoroughly surprised. Gary Sanchez, Manny... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/24/18

I haven't had a very in-depth look at this slate yet, but it is looking like one of the best of the entire year so far. There are plenty of viable pitching options at every price tier and there are... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/23/18

Last night was a very high scoring slate thanks to outstanding performances from players such as Nelson Cruz, Patrick Corbin, and J.D. Martinez. I don't expect tonight's slate to be nearly as exciting as last nights, but there are a... Continue Reading →

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