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Ichiro Suzuki: The Best Contact Hitter Baseball Has Ever Seen

LeBron James, Tom Brady, Mozart, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, and Ichiro Suzuki all have something in common: they are masters of their craft. Just as LeBron James is indisputably the best basketball player on the planet, Ichiro Suzuki is the best... Continue Reading →

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NBA’s Next Step: Expanding to Europe

Europe presents an untouched market for the NBA to expand to. The ever-shifting nature of the league makes an expansion across the Atlantic not that far-fetched at all. Basketball is a sport that is rapidly increasing its global brand, and... Continue Reading →

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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/27/17

Pitcher: $7,700 Sean Newcomb- Keep in mind: starting Newcomb is a very risky decision. He is very inexperienced, meaning there is a chance he could end up having a short outing. Nevertheless, Newcomb has been impressive so far this year,... Continue Reading →


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/26/17

Pitcher: $8,000 Jordan Montgomery- This is a very risky play seeing as Montgomery is only a rookie. Nevertheless, he has flashed big game potential, and he should be able to realize that potential against the dreadful Chicago White Sox. The... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/25/17

Pitcher: $6,800 Derek Holland- Keep in mind that Holland is a very risky play for tonight, and his price tag reflects that. Nevertheless, him turning in a strong game will pay huge dividends for you. He has put together a... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/24/17

Pitcher: $7,900 Joe Ross- Ross has seen a tumultuous start to the season and will look to straighten things out against the Reds. Cincinatti’s offense has been stifled by many a pitcher this year, and Ross could add his name... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/23/17

Pitcher: $7,500 Kyle Freeland- Luckily for his fantasy value, Freeland will be playing away from the thin air of Coors Field. His matchup with the Los Angeles Dodgers could be a good thing since their best players are lefty, meaning... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/22/17

Pitcher: $9,800 Luis Severino- I don’t usually tend to splurge on the pitcher position, but Severino’s matchup with the Los Angeles Angels is too strong to pass up on. Severino has enjoyed an excellent start to the season, and has... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/21/17

Pitcher: $7,000 Tyson Ross- Ross is a very risky play seeing as he made his first start of the year only a week ago. He didn't show any signs of regressing after coming back from an injury as he was... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 6/20/17

Pitcher: $7,700 Zach Davies- Seeing as he will be facing the abysmal Pittsburgh Pirates, Davies will have an opportunity to turn in a strong performance. By losing plenty of key cogs in their offense, the Pittsburgh Pirates are now a... Continue Reading →

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