Don’t get me wrong, watching the NBA is exciting, but on a pure game-to-game level, NCAA Basketball has it beat. While it can be more exciting watching individual players in the NBA, watching a game isn’t quite the same. There’s much more passion whenever you see college basketball teams play. Just take the recent Duke loss to Virginia Tech as an example. Duke was by far the more talented team, but they still fell to Virginia Tech due to the fact that the Hokies played with far more passion. In the NBA you rarely see teams play with that much passion, and hustle back on every play.

Only rarely can NBA games be as exciting as the Kentucky vs North Carolina game earlier this year. That game was a nail biter throughout, with Kentucky walking away victorious on a last-second three to win the game by Malik Monk. Yet another example is when UCLA beat Kentucky, showing the nation they were a force to be reckoned with. Then, Baylor beat UCLA in another close game that was decided by a buzzer-beater three. Now after that game, Baylor holds the distinction as the top team in college basketball.

That constant rotation at the top is part of what makes following college basketball exciting. This year is especially exciting due to the fact that it is one of the most talented freshman classes in recent memory. Rarely are young players this acclimated to the college basketball level, that they can actually succeed. We haven’t even seen the best out of Duke’s Harry Giles or NC State’s Omar Yurtseven. This NCAA Tournament will surely be exciting with all these great teams worthy of winning it, which brings me to my next point: the NCAA Tournament is far more exciting than the NBA Playoffs.

The NCAA Tournament just a special feel about it. The fact that one loss and you are out only adds to the excitement. The NBA playoffs can sort of drag out forever, whereas the NCAA tourney has upsets every day and plenty of excitement. This year is special because there are plenty of teams capable of winning it all, but no true favorite since there has been so much turmoil at the top. I mean who would’ve thought that Baylor would be the top team in the nation, and UCLA at #3? This should be one of the more memorable NCAA Tournaments, but it will be hard to top last year’s finale. That game was downright crazy throughout with both teams trading clutch threes in the last few seconds. Villanova ended up coming through with the victory with a buzzer-beater. It was a perfect way to end out a pretty good NCAA tourney. To sum it up, how many people remember the shot made by Christian Laettner in the NCAA tourney that made him famous? Now see if you can think of a similar memorable moment from the NBA playoffs 20 or so years ago. My guess is that you can’t.

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