In this article I won’t include top players such as James Harden or Russell Westbrook, but mainly players who could end up giving you good value.

Point Guards:

Ricky Rubio- Although his ceiling is limited because of his scoring ability, Rubio racks up numbers in other statistical areas. That alone makes him a worthwhile start against the Mavericks. Rubio has also been playing very well as of late so expect a floor of 20 with a ceiling of 35.

Reggie Jackson- He should be in for a good night due to the fact that he has a plus matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers. Because of his track record, Jackson is a fairly safe bet. Expect a 30 point floor with a 40 point ceiling. Mike Conley is another point guard who could be in for a good game.

Shooting Guards:

Chris LeVert- In order to save up for better options at other positions, LeVert is smart pick. He draws a great matchup with the up-tempo style of the Houston Rockets which could allow for him to have a breakout game. This is a risk-reward pick, but it could end up being a smart play in larger tournaments. LeVert has a floor of 10 with a ceiling of 35.

Small Forwards:

Rudy Gay- Gay could end up being one of the highest scoring options of the night. He has a good matchup with a Thunder that should be a relatively close game. Since the Thunder have no good small forward option, Gay should find it easy to impose his will. He has a floor of 35 with a ceiling of 55 points.

Power Forwards:

Taj Gibson- This pick is contingent on whether or not Nikola Mirotic suits up. Gibson is yet another safe pick who offers upside in a shallow selection of power forwards. Expect a floor of 20 with a ceiling of 35 if Mirotic does not play. If Mirotic plays, Dirk Nowitzki would be the better selection here.


Jonas Valanciunas- Valanciunas has really stepped up his game lately and should be in store for another big game against the Knicks. Injuries to the Raptors’ front court only makes him a more enticing play. Expect a floor of 20 with a ceiling of 40.

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