This year sees plenty of budding superstars rising up the ranks such as Trea Turner, Mookie Betts, and Kris Bryant. Mike Trout will yet again go first overall in most drafts, and if you have the chance to pick him, doing so would be a smart move. This article will provide you with how you should prepare going into your draft and what players you may want to target.

First off, you should have a strategy set in place when your draft starts. Make sure that you fill each position and don’t stock up on certain positions so that you end up having a star player sitting on the bench. Also, if you are in a categories league you will need players that are able to produce in each category, but don’t overpay for something like saves or steals.

In the first round you will want to target a field position player. The only exception to that rule is Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is without a doubt the best pitcher in the league. He offers excellent consistency as well as the potential to finish as the top overall player and has avoided major arm issues throughout his career. Some players to be wary of are Josh Donaldson, Miguel Cabrera, and Charlie Blackmon seeing as they are starting to get up there in age. Even though they could end up producing first round value, there are safer options out there.

You will also want to pay attention to what positions are deep and which are shallow. For example, first base and shortstop are fairly deep whereas third base is very shallow. Second base is another position in which you can wait to a later round and still receive a player worthy of starting.

Trea Turner is a player who carries a lot of risk, but also as much potential as any player in the league. If he is able to build on what he was able to accomplish in only 73 games last year, the sky is the limit for his fantasy production. As long as he doesn’t hit the dreaded sophomore slump, Turner should be able to 100+ runs, 20+ home runs, 70 RBI’s, 50 stolen bases, and a .320 average. Something close to Mike Trout’s rookie year could be feasible for Turner.

Another player that carries lots of risk, but also plenty of reward is Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton’s level of play has regressed in the last year, but if he is able to turn things around, Stanton could offer first round value out of a 4th or 5th round draft pick.

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