In today’s MLB, teams have specific lineups and players that they employ whenever a lefty is pitching or whenever a righty is pitching. This is something that has been present since the 1930s and 1940s, but it has been taken a step further in the modern era of baseball. Lefty/righty splits are something that you can use to your advantage when making your daily fantasy lineup. A player can go from being just an average player against lefties, but when he is facing a righty, his numbers look like that of a superstars. This is a way to find undervalued players who can end up providing you with excellent value.

Nomar Mazara is one player who dominates righties, but is atrocious against lefties. He sports a career .280 batting average against righties, but hits .217 against southpaws. His home run numbers also change drastically as he hits 1 home run per 19.87 at bats against righties, and has only hit one home run in 129 career at bats against lefties.

While righties dominating lefty pitchers and vice versa is usually the case, there are some anomalies. Yoenis Cespedes is one of them. Although his lefty/righty splits have such a drastic change present, he is still slightly better against right handed pitchers even though he is a righty himself. However, an even better example is Justin Turner. Turner, a righty, has a career .300 batting average against righties, but a .250 batting average against lefties. His power numbers also see a boost, as he hits a home run per 32.08 at bats against righties and only one home run per 50.35 at bats against southpaws. You want to be aware of players like them so that you don’t purposely fade a player just because they don’t have the opposite handedness matchup.

Going off of players with a matchup advantage due to opposite handedness shouldn’t be the only reason why you put a certain player in your lineup, but it is something to keep in mind. Below is a list I have compiled of players that have very radical changes in their lefty and righty splits. Keep in mind that all the statistics below are for a player’s career. Also, BA stands for batting average, HR stands for home run, and AB stands for at bats.

Corey Dickerson: .288 BA vs righties/.254 BA vs lefties, HR per 18.66 AB vs righties/HR per 43.86 AB vs lefties.

Yasmany Tomas: .257 BA vs righties/.317 BA vs lefties, HR per 28.15 AB vs righties/HR per 16.38 vs lefties.

David Peralta: .307 BA vs righties/.222 BA vs lefties, HR per 28.2 AB vs righties/HR per 103.5 AB vs lefties.

Michael Conforto: .261 BA vs righties/.129 BA vs lefties, HR per 18.54 AB vs righties/0 HR in 62 AB vs lefties.

This is not an exhaustive list, you can do your own research at Baseball by searching up a player, clicking on their split stats, and then clicking on platoon stats. If you have a question about Daily Fantasy Baseball, DM me on twitter