My lineup from yesterday ended up performing fairly well as Robbie Ray had a dominant outing, and both Chase Utley and Elvis Andrus hit balls out. Hopefully that success will carry over for tonight.

Pitcher: $10,600 Chris Archer- I don’t normally like to spend this much on a pitcher, but with a bunch of cheap value guys on offense, I can afford Archer. He has an excellent matchup on paper and should be able to turn in an excellent outing on the mound. A lot of his value rests in his ability to generate swings and misses, so if he is able to get at least ten strikeouts, he will hit value.

Catcher: $3,300 Gary Sanchez- Sanchez has been arguably the best hitting catcher in the American League this year and should be able to have yet another strong game against Kendall Graven. With a dearth of options at the catcher position, Sanchez makes a lot of sense here. The big game potential is always there due to his power, but e has a relatively high floor thanks to his contact.

First Base: $2,700 Matt Adams- The change of scenery has worked wonders for Adams as he is now flourishing with the Atlanta Braves. Adams will continue to garner starts with Freddie Freeman out for the foreseeable future with a wrist injury. As long as his price doesn’t jump too drastically, he will be an excellent value pick anytime he is facing a right-handed pitcher.

Second Base: $2,300 Jed Lowrie- This is an extremely low price for the type of production that Lowrie could give you. He has been on a tear recently as he has turned in four 25+ point outings in his last six games. That trend will hopefully continue as he is set to face the struggling Masahiro Tanaka.

Third Base: $2,800 Joey Gallo- As I state every time that I feature Gallo in one of my articles: there is a perpetual risk that comes with starting Gallo. All of his value rests in his ability to hit home runs so when he doesn’t, he will likely turn in a 0 point game. Nevertheless, he should be able to have a great game against the inexperienced Mike Bolsinger and his 6.32 ERA.

Shortstop: $3,100 Corey Seager- Even though he will face former Cy Young award winner Jake Arrieta, Seager should still be able to put together a strong day at the plate. At this price point Seager should be started regardless of matchup (unless he is facing a dominant lefty).

Outfield: $3,800 Nelson Cruz- Albeit the fact that Eduardo Rodriguez has been a pleasant surprise for the Red Sox, the lefty-killing Cruz will likely prevail. He has had an excellent start to the season and another big game could be in the works for Cruz. There is always big game potential attached with Cruz, but the way he has been seeing the ball recently gives him a relatively high floor.

Outfield: $3,700 J.D. Martinez- Despite the small sample size, Martinez has been stroking the ball to start off the year. The Chicago White Sox haven’t named a starting pitcher yet, but with the way Martinez has been playing, the matchup doesn’t make that much of a difference. He has plenty of home run potential, but comes with a high floor as well.

Outfield: $2,700 Justin Upton- Even though he was in a slump over his past few games, it looks like he has put that in the past after a solid performance at the plate last night. He has an excellent matchup and is a very strong pick at this cheap of a price. There is always some risk involved with starting Upton, but the potential reward outweighs that risk.