Pitcher: $5,500 Randall Delgado- At seeing this you may think that I’m crazing since I’m recommending the worst pitching option on the slate. However, there is a chance that Delgado has a big game. He is set to face the banged up Pittsburgh Pirates who have been forced to start some inexperienced players. Delgado is fairly good at generating swings-and-misses, meaning the potential is there for a big game. This price point also allows you to splurge on some bigger name hitters. This is definitely a risky play, but if he ends up having a strong outing, you could be at the top of your competitions as he will be owned by few.

Catcher: $3,100 Tony Wolters- Wolters will face the inexperienced Sam Gaviglio in the thin air of Coors Park. He has done well in his past few games as he has had at least nine points in seven of his last eight games. He should continue to roll as he has a favorable righty/lefty matchup.

First Base: $3,800 Mark Reynolds- Reynolds is another player on the Rockies who I like as they are matched up with Gaviglio. Seeing he is playing at home, Reynolds will have a high chance of hitting a home run. That home run potential is the reason why you want to start him as he tends to be a risky play.

Second Base: $3,400 Jason Kipnis- Kipnis had a huge 40.4 point game yesterday, but I am not just chasing points here. He draws an excellent matchup with Daniel Mengden and will look to make it back-to-back great games.

Third Base: $4,000 Jake Lamb- There is a perpetual risk that comes with Lamb due to his tendency to strike out, but that shouldn’t deter you from playing him. His Diamondbacks are a potential stack option as they are set to face the inexperienced Trevor Williams. Lamb has a chance to have a huge game anytime that he is facing a right handed pitcher.

Shortstop: $3,400 Corey Seager- Anytime that Seager is facing a righty he is a quality option albeit the talent level of the pitcher. Even though he is facing Mike Leake who has had an excellent start to the season, Seager should still be able to prevail in the matchup.

Outfield: $3,300 David Peralta- Peralta, who obliterates righties, should have no problem putting together a strong day at the plate against Trevor Williams. As I said in an aforementioned paragraph, the Diamondbacks have a dream matchup, meaning nearly every player on their team is worthy of a start.

Outfield: $4,100 Michael Conforto- Conforto does most of his damage against righties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Matt Garza. He has been one of the leagues’ best players so far this year, and he should be able to keep up the hot streak. He has a high floor anytime he is facing righty, but as he has shown on multiple occasions this year, the sky is the limit for how good of a game he can have.

Outfield: $4,400 Bryce Harper- This price just seems way too cheap for a player of Harper’s caliber. He should be able to put together a strong day at the plate as he will face Matt Moore and his 5.28 ERA. Harper being matched up with a left handed pitcher shouldn’t be a deal breaker as he has hit .385 against lefties so far this year. This is one pick that I am not that confident about as I mainly chose him due to lack of other options. If you can afford it, starting Charlie Blackmon is looking like it could pay off in a big way.

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