My lineup for yesterday’s games had a few duds, but a few players that had outstanding games as well. Matt Adams launched two balls out of the park and had five RBI’s to boot. However, starting Joe Ross doesn’t look like the best move in hindsight, but I had said that Ross carries a good deal of risk. Alex Avila, Adam Duvall, and Cody Bellinger were able to accrue a combined 70.9 fantasy points.

Pitcher: $9,300 Luis Severino- Severino has been rather consistent this season which is a far cry from where he was last year. His strikeout potential always gives him the chance to have a huge outing on the bump. Given the fact that he is facing the struggling Toronto Blue Jays, Severino should be able to put together a solid performance as long as he is able to limit the mistakes.

Catcher: $3,300 Yasmani Grandal- Albeit the fact that he is a switch hitter, there is a huge discrepancy in his numbers when he is facing a righty versus when he is facing a lefty on the mound. Luckily he will face a subpar righty in Zach Davies, which a matchup that Grandal should be able to do some damage in. There aren’t always great options at the catcher position which only makes starting Grandal an easier decision.

First Base: $3,300 Victor Martinez- Martinez has obliterated lefties for the entirety of his career, making it a good thing that he will face one in David Holmberg. Holmberg is a  below average pitcher, making the Detroit Tigers a potential stack option. Martinez hasn’t had the best of seasons this year, but he has had a handful of big games and is primed for another one.

Second Base: $2,600 Chase Utley- Utley has fared much better against right handed pitchers this year and is set to face a subpar one in Zach Davies. Davies is the owner of a 5.18 ERA, meaning he has a tendency to give up runs in bunches. At this price point, Utley provides great value as a relatively safe pick with plenty of upside.

Third Base: $2,900 Jose Ramirez- Ramirez draws an excellent matchup with Eric Skoglund. Skoglund was able to put together a great performance in his MLB debut, but it looks like his luck has run out. His paucity of experience will allow for Ramirez to prevail in this matchup.

Shortstop: $3,200- Corey Seager- The other member of the Dodgers’ middle infield, Seager joins Utley as another player who will benefit from facing Davies. Seager has historically done much better against righties, meaning a big game could be in the works seeing as he will be facing a subpar one.

Outfield: $3,900 Michael Conforto- Conforto has been a stalwart in my daily fantasy articles, and that will continue as long as he is having the season that he is. He was mostly a platoon player last year, but he was able to come out of his shell this year. Conforto draws an excellent matchup with the inexperienced Trevor Williams, giving him a chance for a huge game. He is the rare player that has a high ceiling as well as a near limitless ceiling, making him one of my favorite plays of the night.

Outfield: $3,100 Adam Frazier- Frazier is a bit risky of a play given his lack of experience. Nevertheless, he should be able to put together a solid day at the plate as he will face the far-from-overpowering Tyler Pill. Ownership on Frazier should be fairly low, making him a nice contrarian play.

Outfield: $3,400 David Peralta- Peralta does most of his damage against righties, meaning his matchup with Vance Worley is a positive one. There is a relatively high floor that comes with Peralta, but the potential is always there for a big game.

For a lineup that will be updated throughout the day: