Pitcher: $7,600 Edinson Volquez- I’m not chasing points here by starting Volquez right after he pitches a no-hit gem. Even if he never threw the no-hitter, he would still be a solid play for tonight. Volquez draws an excellent matchup with the abysmal Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates offense has been stifled in many a game ever since having injuries to key players such as Starling Marte. While it will be difficult to replicate the same type of game he had in his last outing, Volquez should still be able to put together an excellent performance, all while coming at a fairly cheap price.

Catcher: $3,200 Brian McCann- McCann does most of his damage against right handed pitchers, meaning it is a good thing that he is set to face a subpar one in Jason Hammel. It looks as if his injury hasn’t hindered him in any way, meaning you should start McCann with full confidence. However, you need to make sure that you check who the Astros starting catcher is prior to game time since McCann tends to split starts with Evan Gattis.

First Base: $4,100 Anthony Rizzo- After a dreadful start to the season, Rizzo’s fortunes have since changed as he has put together a handful of big games in the past few weeks. He should have another opportunity to have a big game in a mouth watering matchup with Tyler Chatwood. Because of the matchup with Chatwood, you will want to have plenty of exposure to the Chicago Cubs.

Second Base: $3,100 Ian Happ- It has been difficult to ignore his production as the rookie has slugged a total of three home runs over his past three games. Albeit the fact that he is  a switch hitter, Happ has performed far better against righties. There is some risk to starting him, but the upside is too immense to overlook.

Third Base: $3,500 Kyle Seager- He draws an excellent matchup with Kyle Gibson and his 7.23 ERA. Seager hasn’t had the best of seasons to date, yet he has flashed potential for a big game. He will have a chance to realize that potential anytime that he is facing a righty. Seager doesn’t come with much stability, but the potential reward vastly outweighs the risk.

Shortstop: $4,200 Trea Turner- While I don’t believe Turner is quite worth this price, the paucity of other solid options led me to choose him. Nevertheless, he should be able to carve together a great day at the plate and on the base paths against the inexperienced Alec Asher.

Outfield: $2,900 Ben Gamel- Gamel always carries plenty of risk, but his cheap price makes that easier to stomach. He is another member of the Seattle Mariners who should benefit in their matchup with Kyle Gibson. There isn’t that much of a floor with Gamel, but the big game potential is always there thanks to his power against righties.

Outfield: $2,600 Kyle Schwarber- Schwarber always comes with a good deal of risk due to his tendency to strike out. However, his power makes him an excellent pick anytime he is facing a right handed pitcher. His floor is nearly nonexistent, but his ceiling is sky high thanks to the pop in his bat.

Outfield: $3,600 Ender Inciarte- Inciarte is mainly here to offset some of the risk that comes with starting players such as Schwarber, Gamel, and Happ. Nevertheless, Inciarte has enjoyed an excellent start to what has been a breakout campaign. He should continue to roll against the wildly inexperienced Ben Lively.

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