Pitcher: $9,500 Luis Severino- Severino draws a matchup with the Baltimore Orioles who are a far from formidable foe. He has enjoyed an excellent sophomore season and his recent success should carry over for tonight. His price is steadily increasing, but it hasn’t reached its pinnacle yet. There is a relatively high floor that comes with Severino, but his potential for a big game is always present thanks to his tendency to strike opponents out. If you want a cheaper option, Zach Godley looks like a decent value play.

Catcher: $3,100 Yasmani Grandal- Grandal has been one of the top hitting catchers in the MLB this year. Seeing as there is a paucity of solid options at the catcher position, anytime that Grandal is facing a righty he is worth a look. There isn’t much risk involved and there is plenty of home run potential; making Grandal an excellent pick.

First Base: $3,300 Mitch Moreland- Albeit the fact that he will face a potential Hall-of-Famer in Justin Verlander, Moreland should still be able to piece together a solid outing. Verlander is only a shell of his former self, meaning the Red Sox should be able to do some damage. While he doesn’t have that much home run potential, Moreland makes up for it with his ability to hit doubles consistently.

Second Base: $3,200 Robinson Cano- Cano hasn’t had the best start to the season (by his standards), but he will look to turn things around starting tonight. He draws matchup with one of the better pitchers in the league in Marcus Stroman, yet he should still have the opportunity to have a big game. Cano showed his potential a couple of nights ago, and there is a chance for him to replicate that tonight.

Third Base: $4,100 Jake Lamb- Lamb is a stalwart in my daily fantasy baseball advice articles. He absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he is set to face a subpar one in Junior Guerra. There is some risk that comes with Lamb, but not enough to deter you from starting him.

Shortstop: $2,900 Troy Tulowitzki- Sadly Tulowitzki saw his start to the season hindered by injuries. Nevertheless, he draws an excellent matchup with Ariel Miranda. Tulo fares much better against lefties, meaning he should be able to prevail in this matchup.

Outfield: $2,800 Andrew Benintendi- This price is just way too low for you to pass up on Benintendi. As I stated in an aforementioned, there is a chance that the Red Sox are able to dominate Justin Verlander. Benintendi should be able to help his teammates do just that as he does most of his damage against righties.

Outfield: $2,800 Ben Gamel- Gamel is always a risky play, but all of that risk is worth it when it comes with a price this low. There is even more risk than usual since he is facing Marcus Stroman, but Stroman has had a tendency to struggle at times in his career. You may want to get a more consistent player somewhere else in your lineup in order to offset some of the risk that Gamel carries.

Outfield: $3,300 Melky Cabrera- Cabrera was in the midst of a mini-slump a few games ago, but that looks like it is all over now. Even though he is a switch hitter, he has more success swinging from the left handed batters box, which is where he will be taking his hacks tonight. Cabrera has a relatively high floor with a fairly high ceiling as well.

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