Pitcher: $7,500 Jordan Montgomery- Seeing as Montgomery is only a rookie, there is always risk involved with starting him. Nevertheless, you will be hard pressed to find an option this strong at this cheap of a price. His matchup with the pitiful Oakland A’s also adds some value to his name. The amount of risk involved shouldn’t deter you from starting Montgomery since the reward vastly outweighs that risk.

Catcher: $3,300 Alex Avila- Avila is a stalwart in my daily fantasy articles, and is worth consideration anytime that he is facing a righty. Seeing as he will be facing one with a tendency to struggle in Alex Cobb, a big game could be in the works for Avila. Given the paucity of options at the catcher position, Avila’s excellent value makes him an enticing play.

First Base: $3,400 Matt Carpenter- Carpenter is having a down season, but he is still a viable option against righties. With his price as low as it will ever be, now is the time that you want to play Carpenter. He has a relatively high floor with some big game potential as well.

Second Base: $3,400 D.J. LeMahieu- LeMahieu has seen a tumultuous start to the season as he started out sluggish, but has since been able to turn that around. The draws an excellent matchup with the lefty Matt Moore in one that he should be able to do some damage in. Him playing in Coors Field only adds to his value.

Third Base: $3,200 Jedd Gyorko- Albeit the fact that he is a righty himself, he performs far better against right handed pitchers. Gyorko has enjoyed an excellent start to what has been a breakout season. His success should be able to carry over for tonight against the inexperienced Zach Davies.

Shortstop: $3,600 Brandon Crawford- Crawford is another player who will benefit from playing in the thin air of Coors Field. He is mainly here due to lack of other solid options, but starting him is a smart decision in and of itself. There isn’t that much upside to play with here, but his floor is fairly high.

Outfield: $4,600 Bryce Harper- I don’t usually tend to splurge on a single player, but when the matchup presents itself, I sometimes waive that rule.A big game could be in the works for Harper as he will face Robert Gsellman. He has a very high floor as well as a ceiling as high as any other players’.

Outfield: $2,700 Keon Broxton- There is a perpetual risk that comes with starting a player  like Broxton, but the potential is enough to stomach that risk. He has shown that big game potential at times this year, and tonight should be one of those nights. However, there is an even higher chance of Broxton putting a goose egg in the daily fantasy points column.

Outfield: $3,200 Andrew Benintendi- Benintendi absolutely obliterates righties; making it a good thing that he will face a subpar one in Nick Pivetta. Benintendi is currently in the midst of a slump, but tonight will present an opportunity to break out of it.

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