Pitcher: $9,900 Luis Severino- I don’t usually tend to splurge on the pitcher position, but Severino’s matchup with the Oakland A’s is too strong to pass up on. Severino has enjoyed an excellent start to the season, and has put together dominant performances as well. One of those dominant performances could be in the works for tonights game as he will face the dreadful A’s. He is a relatively safe pick with a very high ceiling as well.

Catcher: $3,100 Yasmani Grandal- Seeing as how Grandal fares much better against righties, he could be in for a big game against Tim Adleman. Adleman has struggled at times this year, and his 4.34 ERA is evident of that. Given the paucity of options at the catcher position, Grandal stands out as one with plenty of upside.

First Base: $3,300 Eric Thames- Thames’ price has finally fallen to a point where starting him is affordable. He slowed down a bit after his herculean start to the year, but he has still put together a few big games recently. He will look for his third home run in as many nights against the inexperienced Miguel Diaz.

Second Base: $3,200 Ian Happ- The first of two Chicago Cubs players that will be featured in this article, Happ draws an excellent matchup with Trevor Williams. Happy should be able to prevail in that matchup. There is some risk involved due to his lack of experience, but not enough to deter you from starting him.

Third Base: $3,000 Jedd Gyorko- Albeit that he is a righty himself, Gyorko performs much better against right handed pitchers. He has been fairly consistent throughout the season, and that should continue against Kevin Gausman. Gyorko carries some risk, but his massive upside makes up for nearly all of that risk.

Shortstop: $3,700 Corey Seager- Seager hasn’t had the best of starts to the year (by his standards), but he has put together a handful of big games. He absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he will face a subpar one in Tim Adleman. He has a fairly high floor as well as a very high ceiling.

Outfield: $2,600 Kyle Schwarber- As I said in an aforementioned paragraph, the Cubs draw an excellent matchup with the inexperienced Trevor Williams. Schwarber destroys righties, meaning a big game could be in the works for him. He is always a risky play due to his inability to accrue base hits, but his immense power at this price is difficult to pass up on.

Outfield: $3,600 Andrew Benintendi- Benintendi was in the midst of a slump a few weeks ago, but that looks like it is all in the past now. He is a strong play anytime he is facing a righty, and he is set to face a subpar one in Mike Fiers.

Outfield: $2,500 Adam Duvall- His price is at an all-time low due to him having an illness that caused him to miss a couple of games, but it looks as if that is all in the past now. You will be hard pressed to find a player of his caliber or an option this strong at this cheap of a price. While there is a perpetual risk that comes with starting Duvall, the value that he could produce from this price point is too enticing to pass up on.

For a lineup that will be upgraded throughout the day: