Pitcher: $7,700 Zach Davies- Seeing as he will be facing the abysmal Pittsburgh Pirates, Davies will have an opportunity to turn in a strong performance. By losing plenty of key cogs in their offense, the Pittsburgh Pirates are now a prime matchup for any opposing pitcher. Don’t get me wrong: this pick isn’t without risk, but the potential reward here is too enticing to pass up on. His cheap price tag also gives you plenty of flexibility for the rest of your lineup.

Catcher: $3,400 Brian McCann- McCann will face Sonny Gray in a matchup that he should be able to take advantage of. Gray is far from his former ace-level self, meaning the Houston Astros should be able to put a good amount of runs on the board. Given the dearth of options at the catcher position, McCann is a strong play given his excellent upside.

First Base: $3,200 Hanley Ramirez- Albeit the fact that Ramirez is a shell of his former self, he should still be able to turn in a solid game against Matt Strahm and the Royals. He fares much better against lefties, meaning a big game could be in the works against a subpar one in Strahm.

Second Base: $3,600 Ian Happ- Happ is a risky play seeing as he is very inexperienced, but he has proved that he can turn in big games. He draws an excellent matchup with Joules Chacin, meaning he could be due for one of those big games.

Third Base: $3,800 Justin Turner- Despite the fact that he is a righty himself, Turner fares much better against right handed pitchers. He hasn’t exhibited that much power so far this year, but his contact hitting gives him plenty of stability. It is never a bad thing to have safer players in your lineup similar to Turner.

Shortstop: $3,000 Elvis Andrus- Andrus does most of his  damage against lefties, and he should be able to do just that against Francisco Liriano. Liriano is far from the player he once was, meaning you will want some exposure to the Blue Jays.

Outfield: $3,000 Scott Schebler- Schebler is always a risky play, but his home run potential makes the risk well worth it. His matchup with Alex Cobb is one that he should be able to take advantage of.

Outfield: $3,200 Matt Kemp- Kemp has regained some of his form that made him a force to be reckoned with a couple of years ago when he won the National League MVP award. He draws a strong matchup with Matt Moore. Moore has a tendency to struggle, meaning you will want at least some exposure to the Atlanta Braves.

Outfield: $4,100 Michael Conforto- Conforto has proved this year that he is far more than just a platoon player. He has made the most of his extended role, and his success should carry over for tonight. Conforto absolutely obliterates righties, making his matchup with brandon McCarthy one that Conforto should be able to prevail in.

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