Pitcher: $7,000 Tyson Ross- Ross is a very risky play seeing as he made his first start of the year only a few weeks ago. He didn’t show any signs of regressing after coming back from an injury as he was able to turn in a dominant performance in his first start. His price is very low due to him coming back from a major injury, giving you plenty of flexibility with the rest of your lineup. This pick could end up paying major dividends for you.

Catcher: $2,900 Brian McCann- He is a stalwart in these articles anytime he is facing a righty. McCann has turned in two 30+ point performances in the past week, and he should continue to produce. He fares much better against righties, making it good thing that he will face one in Luis Severino. Given the dearth of options at the catcher position, McCann is an excellent commodity thanks to his home run potential.

First Base: $3,600 Logan Morrison- Morrison is worth consideration anytime he is facing a righty thanks to his immense power. His matchup with the inexperienced Kevin Gausman only makes him a more enticing play. He does carry some risk due to his tendency to strike out, but his home run potential gives him plenty of upside.

Second Base: $3,400 Scooter Gennett- Gennett was able to achieve a historic four home run game a few weeks ago, showing his massive potential for a big game on any given night. He absolutely obliterates righties and will face one in Jake Arrieta. While it would be difficult for Gennett to replicate that four homer performance, something close to that is entirely possible.

Third Base: $4,100 Jose Ramirez- Ramirez has enjoyed an excellent start to what has been an breakout campaign. His matchup with Justin Verlander is one that he will look to take advantage of, seeing as how Verlander is only a shell of his former self. Ramirez is a very safe pick, but he offer some upside as well.

Shortstop: $2,800 Troy Tulowitzki- It is hard to match the type of production that Tulowitzki can offer at this low of a price. He fares much better against lefties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Drew Pomeranz. Pomeranz has had a tendency to struggle throughout his career, and Tulowitzki should prevail in the matchup.

Outfield: $3,200 Andrew Benintendi- Benintendi draws a prime matchup with Joe Biagini, a pitcher with a tendency to struggle. He does most of his damage against righties, meaning he will at least have an opportunity to go yard against the right handed Biagini. Benintendi doesn’t have that much of a floor, but he does have a good deal of upside thanks to his home run potential.

Outfield: $3,700 Jay Bruce- Bruce has a tendency to strike out, which means he carries a good deal of risk. Nevertheless, Bruce’s home run potential more that makes up for it. While there is a chance that Bruce puts a goose egg in the scoring column, there is an equally high chance that he is able to hit one out of the park in a very good matchup with Nick Pivetta.

Outfield: $4,000 Corey Dickerson- As I said in an aforementioned paragraph, the Tampa Bay Rays draw an excellent matchup with Kevin Gausman. Gausman has struggled for most of this season, and Dickerson will look to take advantage of the great matchup. He absolutely obliterates righties, meaning a big game could be in the works for him. He has a relatively high floor as well as a very high ceiling.

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