We should be in for one of the best home run derbies of all time tonight. There will be plenty of power on display seeing as how the eight derby contestants have 178 home runs between themselves this year. While it will be headlined by 2016 derby winner Giancarlo Stanton and record-shattering rookies Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger, every player will have a shot to win.

Below is the bracket for the 2017 Home Run Derby:


Albeit the fact that Giancarlo Stanton owns the highest seed, Aaron Judge may be the favorite to win the derby. The Yankees rookie has swatted home runs at a Ruthian rate, and his success should carry into the Home Run Derby. His enormous 6’7″ 282 pound frame gives him plenty of raw power to crush baseballs. Judge competed in and won the college home run contest, which gives him some experience for the derby. It will be interesting to see whether the Bronx Bomber will be able to live up to the massive hype.

Another New York Yankee participating in the derby is catcher Gary Sanchez. Sanchez only has 13 home runs on the year, but last year he was able to get to 20 in only 52 games. He saw some vitriolic comments come his way from Tampa Bay Rays slugger Logan Morrison, but that should only motivate Sanchez. Morrison believes that Sanchez doesn’t deserve to be in the Derby, and Sanchez will look to prove him wrong.

After Stanton and Judge, Cody Bellinger is probably the favorite to win. Bellinger has 25 home runs on the year, and became the fastest player in MLB history to accrue 22 homers. Miguel Sano, Mike Moustakas, and Justin Bour all have an abundance of raw power, and that will transfer nicely for the derby. Charlie Blackmon is more of a contact hitter, but his 20 home runs show that has some pop in his bat.

Perhaps the most exciting prospect of seeing this home run derby is the potential final matchup between Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. Both players have huge frames that have allowed them to hit some of the furthest home runs of all time.

My personal predictions are as follows: Stanton, Sano, Judge, and Bellinger will move on to the next round. Then, Judge and Stanton will meet in the final with Judge prevailing as the winner in a close match.

Because of all the big names, this home run derby should be one of the more exciting ones in recent memory. There are also plenty of other storylines at play here as Stanton will look to repeat, and Sanchez will look to prove the haters wrong. You will definitely want to tune in to it.

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