Pitcher: $8,100 Kenta Maeda- Maeda will face the abysmal San Diego Padres in what will be an excellent matchup for him. He hasn’t had the best of seasons, but he will look to change that against the Padres. The strikeout potential is definitely there, as well as a relatively high floor.

Catcher: $2,600 Alex Avila- Anytime that Avila is facing a right handed pitcher he is a solid play. He has had a mini resurgence this year and his success should continue against Jason Hammel. Given the dearth of options at the catcher position, having a solid option such as Avila is very important.

First Base: $2,800 Mitch Moreland- He should be in for a solid game as he is set to face Aaron Sanchez. Moreland tends to perform well in matchup with below-average righties such as Martinez. Because of Moreland’s propensity to hit doubles, there is always a solid floor as well as a relatively high ceiling.

Second Base: $3,800 Daniel Murphy- The Washington Nationals are a potential stack candidate as they are matched up with Alex Meyer. Murphy has been extremely consistent this year and will hopefully put a ball out of the stadium in a great righty/lefty matchup. He is easily my favorite second base option for the night.

Third Base: $3,400 Jake Lamb- Lamb has enjoyed an excellent start to the season, and his success hasn’t waned in the past few weeks. While he does carry some risk due to his tendency to strike out, Lamb’s immense power more than makes up for it. There is a very high chance that he ends up giving you a zero in the scoring column, but there is a chance that he realizes some of his home run potential and turns in a big game.

Shortstop: $2,700 Troy Tulowitzki- It is hard to match the type of production that Tulowitzki can offer at this low of a price. He fares much better against lefties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Drew Pomeranz. Pomeranz has had a tendency to struggle thoguhout his career, and Tulowitzki will look to take advantage of that.

Outfield: $5,100 Bryce Harper- Even though his price tag is difficult to stomach the matchup is there for Harper to enjoy a big night. He has been one of (if not the) best hitters in the MLB this year so far. The potential is always there for a big night and he tends to come through more often than not.

Outfield: $3,700 Michael Conforto- Conforto is another regular in my daily fantasy articles. He is always worth a look anytime he is facing a righty, despite the fact that his price has risen since the start of the year. Conforto will face Mike Leake in a matchup that he should be able to take advantage of. All the signs are pointing towards a big game being in the works for Conforto.

Outfield: $2,700 Curtis Granderson- Granderson is far from the player he once was, but he should be in for a big game. He fares much better against righties, and will face a subpar one in Mike Leake. Grandson is a very risky play, but he does have a lofty ceiling.

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