Pitcher: $8,900 Carlos Martinez- Martinez has pitched well in what has been a breakout campaign. He should find more success tonight against a Colorado Rockies team playing away from the thin air of Coors Field. Martinez has a tendency to strike batters out, which means he has plenty of big game potential. He is a relatively safe pick with a lofty ceiling as well.

Catcher: $3,100 Yasmani Grandal- Grandal has been one of the top hitting catchers in the MLB this year. Seeing as there is a paucity of solid options at the catcher position, anytime that Grandal is facing a righty he is worth a look. There isn’t much risk involved and there is plenty of home run potential; making Grandal an excellent pick. His matchup with Ervin Santana only makes him a more enticing play

First Base: $3,900 Cody Bellinger- Bellinger has accomplished more in half a season than most players can accomplish in a full 162 game season. There is always some risk that comes with inserting rookies into your lineup, but Bellinger has looked like a seasoned veteran throughout his short stint in the majors. As I said in the aforementioned paragraph, the Los Angeles Dodgers draw an excellent matchup with Ervin Santana, making them a potential stack candidate. That means you will want to have as much exposure to the Dodgers as possible.

Second Base: $2,800 Rougned Odor- There is a perpetual risk that comes with starting Odor, but when the matchup is right, playing Odor tends to pay off in a big way. He will face the struggling Jose Urena in a matchup where Odor should prevail.

Third Base: $3,500 Mike Moustakas- Moustakas tends to fare much better against right handed pitchers and he is set to face one tonight in Anibal Sanchez. Sanchez is only a shell of his former self, meaning the Kansas City Royals should be able to put up a good number of runs on him.

Shortstop: $3,700 Corey Seager- Seager hasn’t had the best of starts to the year (by his standards), but he has put together a handful of big games. He absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Ervin Santana. He has a fairly high floor as well as a very high ceiling.

Outfield: $2,700 Kyle Schwarber- The Chicago Cubs draw an excellent matchup with the washed up James Shields. Schwarber destroys righties, meaning a big game could be in the works for him. He is always a risky play due to his inability to accrue base hits, but his immense power at this price is difficult to pass up on.

Outfield: $2,700 Nomar Mazara- Mazara, who absolutely obliterates righties, draws a matchup with Jose Urena. Urena shouldn’t be able to deter Mazara from having a big game. His price is far too low for a player of his caliber, meaning you will want to pounce on the opportunity.

Outfield: $3,500 Shin soo Choo- Yet another Rangers player, Choo should make the most of his matchup with Jose Urena. He hasn’t experienced the greatest start to the season, but it looks like he is making a turn in the right direction.

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