Pitcher: $8,200 Danny Salazar- Seeing as how Salazar draws a matchup with the Chicago White Sox, he should be in for a strong outing. Luckily his price is relatively cheap compared to the amount of production he can offer. His ability to generate whiffs always allows for big game potential.

Catcher: $2,100 Hector Sanchez- You will be hard pressed to find a catcher with as much power upside as Sanchez. He has enjoyed a good amount of success in the past few weeks, and that should continue against Chad Kuhl. Because of their matchup with Kuhl, the San Diego Padres are a potential stack candidate. Albeit the fact that he has immense power, there is plenty of risk involved.

First Base: $3,300 Logan Morrison- He has been destroying righties this year and he should be able to continue that trend against Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka has looked anything but ace-like this year so this is a matchup that I would like to target.

Second Base: $3,600 Jose Ramirez- Ramirez has also been seeing the ball very well recently and should be able to reap the rewards in a tremendous matchup with Derek Holland. He has home run potential, but since he is a contact hitter, there is always a nice floor.

Third Base: $3,800 Freddie Freeman- Freeman saw his fantasy value increase after moving to third base. He had an excellent start to the season and has been on a torrid hot streak ever since coming off of the disabled list. He absolutely obliterates righties, making a big game very feasible for him. His strong righty/lefty matchup with Jeremy Hellickson is one that he should do some damage in.

Shortstop: $3,900 Francisco Lindor- Lindor didn’t have the best first half of the season, and he will look to turn that around in the second half. He has showcased his power so far this year, but at a detriment to his contact as his batting average is subpar. A big game could be in the works for Lindor as he draws an excellent matchup with Derek Holland.

Outfield: $3,500 Ben Gamel- Gamel has a tendency to strikeout, but that oddly does not affect his batting average. His matchup with Rafael Montego only makes him a more enticing play.

Outfield: $2,800 Corey Dickerson- Dickerson is becoming known as an excellent all-around hitter, not just a specialist against righties. However, he still mashes righties and draws a matchup with a struggling one. Dickerson will have the opportunity to have a big night.

Outfield: $3,600 Adam Duvall- Duvall is yet another player that comes with a good amount of risk. Nevertheless, he is a strong option tonight as he draws an excellent matchup with Tom Koehler, who he should be able to do some damage against. Duvall has plenty of big game potential for todays game.

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