Pitcher: $8,200 Ariel Miranda- Miranda is set to face a Texas Rangers team that fares much better against righties. That means that the left handed Miranda will have an opportunity to dominate. He doesn’t have that high of a floor, but he does have a very high ceiling thanks to his strikeout potential.

Catcher: $2,900 Yasmani Grandal- Grandal has been one of the top hitting catchers in the MLB this year. Seeing as there is a paucity of solid options at the catcher position, anytime that Grandal is facing a righty he is worth a look. There isn’t much risk involved and there is plenty of home run potential; making Grandal an excellent pick. His matchup with Julio Teheran only makes him a more enticing play

First Base: $3,800 Cody Bellinger- Bellinger has accomplished more in half a season than most players can accomplish in a full 162 game season. There is always some risk that comes with inserting rookies into your lineup, but Bellinger has looked like a seasoned veteran throughout his short stint in the majors. As I said in the aforementioned paragraph, the Los Angeles Dodgers draw an excellent matchup with Teheran, making them a potential stack candidate. That means you will want to have as much exposure to the Dodgers as possible.

Second Base: $3,500 Robinson Cano- Given their excellent matchup with Andrew Cashner, the Seattle Mariners are a very strong stack candidate. Cano fares much better against righites, meaning he will have a high chance to turn in a big game. He has a relatively high floor with a very high ceiling as well.

Third Base: $2,800 Derek Dietrich- This is a bit risky of a play, but the potential is there for Dietrich to have a big game. He is a completely different ballplayer when he faces a right handed pitcher, and he will face one in Tanner Roark. It also doesn’t hurt that Dietrich comes with a $2,800 price tag.

Shortstop: $3,600 Corey Seager- Seager hasn’t had the best of seasons (by his standards), but he has put together a handful of big games. He absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Julio Teheran. He has a fairly high floor as well as a very high ceiling.

Outfield: $3,000 Kyle Schwarber- The Chicago Cubs draw a matchup with the right handed Zach Godley. Schwarber destroys righties, meaning a big game could be in the works for him. He is always a risky play due to his inability to accrue base hits, but his immense power at this price is difficult to pass up on.

Outfield: $3,500 Josh Reddick- Reddick’s numbers are almost polar opposites for when he faces righties and for when he faces lefties. Luckily he is facing an inferior righty so Reddick should be in for a solid night.

Outfield: $3,800 Michael Brantley- This pick is mainly to offset some of the risk that other players in this article carry. Regardless of that, picking Brantley is a smart move in and of itself . The consistency is there, and his matchup with an inferior righty gives him some potential.

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