Pitcher: $9,600 Alex Wood- Wood will look to make his record 13-1 when he faces the Atlanta Braves tonight. The Braves perform far worse against left handed pitchers, and Wood is one of the best. He has a very high floor for tonight as well as a lofty ceiling. Corey Kluber is another strong option for tonight, and while he arguably has a higher ceiling, Wood is a much safer play for a cheaper price.

Catcher: $3,000 Evan Gattis- I tend to feature his fellow teammate Brian McCann in these articles, but seeing as the Astros are facing a lefty, Gattis is the better play. He carries some risk given his tendency to strike out, but his power gives him plenty of upside. Given the dearth of strong options at the catcher position, Gattis’ upside makes him a very enticing play.

First Base: $3,500 Logan Morrison- Morrison is worth consideration anytime he is facing a righty thanks to his immense power. His matchup with Collin McCugh only makes him a more enticing play. He does carry some risk due to his tendency to strike out, but his home run potential gives him plenty of upside.

Second Base: $2,900 Scooter Gennett- While expecting a performance similar to his four home run game is wishful thinking, Gennett should still be able to turn in a solid game. He obliterates righties and should be able to do just that against Chad Kuhl. Gennett also should be fairly low owned.

Third Base: $3,500 Mike Moustakas- Moustakas tends to fare much better against right handed pitchers and he is set to face one tonight in Yovani Gallardo. Gallardo has struggled mightily this year, meaning Moustakas should be able to carve together a strong game at the plate.

Shortstop: $3,500 Jean Segura- Segura has enjoyed plenty of success so far this season, and he should find more of that success against Trevor Cahill. His ability to get on base makes him a very safe play. You will be hard-pressed to find an option this strong at the shortstop position for a relatively inexpensive price.

Outfield: $2,800 Max Kepler- Arguably the best German player in the MLB, Kepler has proved that he has the talent to be successful in the MLB. He draws a prime matchup with A.J. Griffin, which means he could be in for a big game. He has a relatively high floor, but he has a very high ceiling because of his home run potential.

Outfield: $3,100 Andrew Benintendi- Benintendi draws a strong matchup with Miguel Gonzalez: a pitcher with a tendency to struggle. He does most of his damage against righties, meaning he will at least have an opportunity to go yard against the right handed Clevinger. Benintendi doesn’t have that much of a floor, but he does have a good deal of upside thanks to his home run potential.

Outfield: $3,100 Ben Gamel- Gamel has a propensity to strikeout, but that oddly does not affect his batting average. His matchup with Trevor Cahill is one that he will look to take advantage of.

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