Pitcher: $10,100 James Paxton- Paxton draws an excellent matchup with the Kansas City Royals. The Royals have struggled to put runs together against righties at times, and he will look to take advantage of that. Paxton has enjoyed a good deal of success this year, and he should find more tonight. He has a relatively high floor as well as a high ceiling to due to his ability to accrue strikeouts.

Catcher: $2,700 Brian McCann- McCann does most of his damage against right handed pitchers, meaning it is a good thing that he is set to face a subpar one in Cesar Valdez. You need to make sure that you check who the Astros starting catcher is prior to game time since McCann tends to split starts with Evan Gattis.

First Base: $2,900 Hanley Ramirez- Albeit the fact that Ramirez is a shell of his former self, he should still be able to turn in a solid game against Carlos Rodon and the White Sox. He fares much better against lefties, meaning a big game could be in the works against a subpar one in Rodon.

Second Base: $3,600 Rougned Odor- There is a perpetual risk that comes with starting Odor, but when he faces a righty, playing Odor tends to pay off in a big way. He will face the right handed Bartolo Colon who has had a tumultuous start to the season.

Third Base: $3,100 Derek Dietrich- This is a bit risky of a play, but the potential is there for Dietrich to have a big game. He is a completely different ballplayer when he faces a right handed pitcher, and he will face one in R.A. Dickey. It also doesn’t hurt that Dietrich comes with a $3,100 price tag.

Shortstop: $2,900 Xander Bogaerts- Bogaerts has struggled a bit this year, but a big game could be headed his way. He is another Red Sox player that should benefit from their matchup with Carlos Rodon.

Outfield: $3,200 Seth Smith- Smith is worth consideration anytime he is facing a righty, which he is today. He is a fairly safe play, which is something you want when starting riskier players. Smith has put together a nice string of games, and his success should continue against Justin Verlander.

Outfield: $3,500 Nomar Mazara- Mazara is only capable of producing against right handed pitchers, making it a good thing that he is set to face a subpar one in Nomar Mazara. Mazara has been prone to struggle throughout this year, and the Texas Rangers should be able to take advantage of that. A big game could be in the works for Mazara thanks to his home run potential.

Outfield: $2,900 Ben Gamel- Gamel has a propensity to strikeout, but that oddly does not affect his batting average. His matchup with Jason Hammel is one that he will look to take advantage of.

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