Pitcher: $9,300 Ervin Santana- Right handed pitchers this year have done pretty well against the Milwaukee Brewers, and Santana should be able to find that same success. Albeit the fact that he struggled a bit a couple of weeks ago, Santana has put together a dominant season. There aren’t that many strong options at the pitcher position for tonight, which only makes Santana a more enticing pick. Also, his price is at a point where it leaves you a decent amount of flexibility when making the rest of your lineup.

Catcher: $2,400 Matt Wieters- This price seems way too low for a player that recently put together an eleven game hitting streak. Wieters will have the opportunity to have a big game as he draws a matchup with Chris O’Grady. At a position with a dearth of quality options, Wieters stands out as an excellent pick.

First Base: $3,200 Ryan Zimmerman- Zimmerman has since slowed down after his other worldly month of April. Nevertheless, he has a propensity to turn in big games when he faces subpar lefties. Because of their excellent matchup with Chris O’Grady, the Washington Nationals are a potential stack candidate.

Second Base: $2,500 Scooter Gennett- While expecting a performance similar to his four home run game is wishful thinking, Gennett should still be able to turn in a solid game. He obliterates righties and should be able to do just that against Jhoulys Chacin. Gennett also should be fairly low owned.

Third Base: $3,300 Anthony Rendon- As I said earlier, the Nationals will stand to benefit in their matchup with Chris O’Grady. Rendon fares much better against , meaning a big game could be in the works. With the way the Nationals offense has been clicking recently, you will want to have as much exposure to them as possible.

Shortstop: $3,100 Zach Cozart- He sports one of the best batting averages in the MLB making him a low-risk option. Nevertheless, Cozart can have big games with his extra base hit and home run potential.

Outfield: $4,800 Mike Trout- Thanks to his great start to the season, there is no doubt in anyones mind who the best baseball player on the planet is. Trout continues to rake and will face Dylan Bundy in a mouth-watering matchup. At this point Trout is close to a lock for fantasy points anytime he struts onto the diamond.

Outfield: $3,600 Adam Duvall- Duvall is another player on the Cincinnati Reds that I would like to target due to their matchup with Jhoulys Chacin. Albeit the fact that Duvall strikes out more than most, the potential for a big game is always there. With his power he can hit one out on any pitch and should hopefully be able to against Chacin.

Outfield: $2,600 Ian Happ- Happ draws a very strong matchup with Matt Moore in one that he should be able to prevail in. There is some risk involved due to his lack of experience, but not enough to deter you from starting him.

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