Pitcher: $7,800 Ariel Miranda- Miranda is set to face an Oakland Athletics team that struggles to put runs together. That means that the left handed Miranda will have an opportunity to dominate. He doesn’t have that high of a floor, but he does have a very high ceiling thanks to his strikeout potential.

Catcher: $3,000 Matt Wieters- This price seems way too low for a player that recently put together an eleven game hitting streak. Wieters will have the opportunity to have a big game as he draws a matchup with Vince Worley. At a position with a paucity of quality options, Wieters stands out as an excellent pick.

First Base: $3,000 Yonder Alonso- Alonso is primed for a big night seeing as how he draws an excellent matchup with Kendall Graveman. Graveman has a propensity to struggle, and hopefully Alonso will be able to capitalize. At this price point he is a bargain for the production that he brings.

Second Base: $3,900 Daniel Murphy- Murphy and the Nationals face Vance Worley, which means Murphy should have a chance at a big night. He has plenty of home run potential, and is a good play considering there aren’t that many strong options at second base.

Third Base: $3,100 Derek Dietrich- This is a bit risky of a play, but the potential is there for Dietrich to have a big game. He is a completely different ballplayer when he faces a right handed pitcher, and he will face one in A.J. Cole. It also doesn’t hurt that Dietrich comes with a $3,100 price tag.

Shortstop: $3,600 Francisco Lindor- Lindor didn’t have the best first half of the season, but he has since turned things around in the second half. He has showcased his power so far this year, but at a detriment to his contact as his batting average is subpar. A big game could be in the works for Lindor as he draws an excellent matchup with German Marquez.

Outfield: $3,500 Adam Duvall- The Cincinnati Reds’ matchup with Luis Perdomo is one that I want at least some exposure to. Albeit the fact that Duvall strikes out more than most, the potential for a big game is always there. With his power he can hit one out on any pitch and should hopefully be able to against Perdomo.

Outfield: $3,700 Andrew Benintendi- Benintendi draws a strong matchup with Austin Pruitt: a pitcher with a tendency to struggle. He does most of his damage against righties, meaning he will have an opportunity to go yard against the right handed Pruitt. Benintendi doesn’t have that much of a floor, but he does have a good deal of upside thanks to his home run potential.

Outfield: $3,200 Brian Goodwin- Don’t get me wrong, Goodwin is a very risky play for tonights game, but he does have a solid righty/lefty matchup. He is very inexperienced but has flashed big game potential as he has been able to net a couple of multi-homer game.. While a game of that standard should not be expected, there is a chance that Goodwin comes close to that.

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