Pitcher: $8,900 Carlos Carrasco- Carrasco should be able to limit damage in a strong matchup with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have struggled to put runs on the board at times this year, and Carrasco will look to take advantage of that. He has a relatively high floor for tonights game, as well as a high ceiling thanks to his immense strikeout potential.

Catcher: $3,000 Matt Wieters- This price seems way too low for the type of production he can offer. Wieters will have the opportunity to have a big game as he draws a matchup with Chris Stratton. At a position with a paucity of quality options, Wieters stands out as an excellent pick.

First Base: $2,700 Yonder Alonso- Alonso is primed for a big night seeing as how he draws an excellent matchup with Ricky Noclaso. Noclaso has a propensity to struggle, and hopefully Alonso will be able to capitalize. At this price point he is a bargain for the production that he brings.

Second Base: $3,900 Daniel Murphy- Murphy and the Nationals face Chris Stratton, which means Murphy should have a chance at a big night. He has plenty of home run potential, and is a good play considering there aren’t that many strong options at second base.

Third Base: $3,500 Jake Lamb- Lamb is always worth consideration anytime he is facing a righty. Luckily he will face an inexperienced one in John Lackey. There is a perpetual risk that comes with starting Lamb due to his tendency to strike out, but his immense power makes up for that risk.

Shortstop: $3,900 Francisco Lindor- Lindor didn’t have the best first half of the season, but he has since turned things around in the second half. He has showcased his power so far this year, but at a detriment to his contact. A big game could be in the works for Lindor as he draws an excellent matchup with Jake Faria.

Outfield: $3,100 Kyle Schwarber- The Chicago Cubs draw an excellent matchup with the inexperienced Taijuan Walker. Schwarber destroys righties, meaning a big game could be in the works for him. He is always a risky play due to his inability to accrue base hits, but his immense power at this price is difficult to pass up on.

Outfield: $3,000 Jay Bruce- Bruce is another Indians player who should be able to take advantage of the matchup with Jake Farai. There is always risk that comes with Bruce due to his tendency to whiff, but not enough to stop you from starting him. He doesn’t have that high of a ceiling, but he has plenty of big game potential thanks to his power.

Outfield: $3,300 David Peralta- Peralta, who obliterates righties, draws a matchup with the righty John Lackey. Lackey is a very experienced pitcher, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a few mistake pitches to Peralta. Peralta has had a bit of a tumultuous season to date and will look to straighten things out tonight. The big game potential is always there for Peralta, making him one of my favorite plays of the night.

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