Pitcher: $9,600 Alex Wood- Wood will look to make his record 15-1 when he faces the Chicago White Sox tonight. The White Sox are one of the worst hitting teams in the league, and Wood will look to take advantage of that.. He has a very high floor for tonight as well as a lofty ceiling. Madison Bumgarner is another strong option for tonight, and while he arguably has a higher ceiling, Wood is a much safer play for a cheaper price.

Catcher: $2,800 Matt Wieters- This price seems way too low for the type of production he can offer. Wieters will have the opportunity to have a big game as he draws a matchup with Tyler Skaggs. At a position with a paucity of quality options, Wieters stands out as an excellent pick.

First Base: $2,900 Logan Morrison- Morrison is worth consideration anytime he is facing a righty thanks to his immense power. His matchup with Marco Estrada only makes him a more enticing play. He does carry some risk due to his tendency to strike out, but his home run potential gives him plenty of upside.

Second Base: $3,100 Ian Happ- It has been difficult to ignore his production as the rookie has slugged a total of fifteen home runs. Albeit the fact that he is a switch hitter, Happ has performed better against righties. There is some risk to starting him, but the upside is too immense to overlook.

Third Base: $3,500 Jose Ramirez- Ramirez has been seeing the ball very well recently and should be able to reap the rewards in a tremendous matchup with Bartolo Colon. He has home run potential, but since he is a contact hitter there is always a nice floor.

Shortstop: $3,900 Corey Seager- Seager has had a very strong season, and that should continue tonight. He absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Miguel Gonzalez. He has a fairly high floor as well as a very high ceiling.

Outfield: $3,300 Jay Bruce- Bruce should be able to take advantage of his matchup with Bartolo Colon. There is always risk that comes with Bruce due to his tendency to whiff, but not enough to stop you from starting him. He doesn’t have that high of a ceiling, but he has plenty of big game potential thanks to his power.

Outfield: $3,000 Corey Dickerson- Dickerson is a stalwart in these articles anytime he is facing a right handed pitcher. This is looking like a breakout year for him, and his excellent play should continue against Marco Estrada. He is a very safe play, but he also has a good deal of potential. It is also a good thing that he is about $1,000 underpriced.

Outfield: $2,900 Kyle Schwarber- The Chicago Cubs draw an excellent matchup with the inexperienced Luis Castillo. Schwarber destroys righties, meaning a big game could be in the works for him. He is always a risky play due to his inability to accrue base hits, but his immense power at this price is difficult to pass up on.

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