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Pitcher: $10,400 Jacob DeGrom- DeGrom draws a strong matchup with the Miami Marlins, which makes starting him a no-brainer seeing as how he is easily the best pitching option on the night. DeGrom has as much potential as any other pitcher thanks to his tendency to accrue strikeouts. His price tag is a bit steep, but I’m willing to pay the price for the type of production he offers.

Catcher: $2,800 Alex Avila- Anytime that Avila is facing a right handed pitcher he is a solid play. He has had a mini resurgence this year and his success should continue against Marco Estrada. Given the paucity of options at the catcher position, having a solid option such as Avila is very important.

First Base: $2,900 Danny Valencia- Valencia does most of his damage against left handed pitchers; making it a good thing that he is set to face one in Blake Snell. Snell has struggled at times this year, meaning the Mariners will have the opportunity to put up a good amount of runs on him. Because of the aforementioned reason, you will want some exposure to the Mariners: something that Valencia gives you. He comes with some risk, but not enough to deter you from starting him.

Second Base: $2,900 Ian Happ- It has been difficult to ignore his production as the rookie has slugged a total of eighteen home runs. Albeit the fact that he is a switch hitter, Happ has performed better against righties. There is some risk to starting him, but the upside is too immense to overlook.

Third Base: $3,700 Jake Lamb- Lamb has enjoyed an excellent start to the season, and his success hasn’t waned in the past few weeks. While he does carry some risk due to his tendency to strike out, Lamb’s immense power more than makes up for it. There is a very high chance that he ends up giving you a zero in the scoring column, but there is a chance that he realizes some of his home run potential and turns in a big game.

Shortstop: $3,200 Didi Gregorius- Albeit the fact that he is a lefty himself, Gregorius hits well against lefty pitchers as well. Luckily he will face a subpar one in a matchup that he should be able to take advantage of. He has a relatively high floor as well as a high ceiling.

Outfield: $2,900 Corey Dickerson- Dickerson is a stalwart in these articles anytime he is facing a right handed pitcher. This is looking like a breakout year for him, and his excellent play should continue against Yovani Gallardo. He is a very safe play, but he also has a good deal of potential.

Outfield: $3,000 Matt Adams- Him making the move to Atlanta has benefited him greatly. Adams absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he is set to face one in Luis Castillo. This is a great value pick as Adams offers an abundance potential for a great price.

Outfield: $3,200 Brett Gardner- Gardner is mainly here to offset some of the riskier picks, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a strong play himself. He went on a torrid hot streak earlier this year, and he should be able to find that same success against Rick Porcello in a righty/lefty matchup.

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