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Pitcher: $7,500 Zach Davies- Seeing as how he will be facing the abysmal San Francisco Giants, Davies will have an opportunity to turn in a strong performance. Because of their struggles this year, the Giants are now a prime matchup for any opposing pitcher. Don’t get me wrong: this pick isn’t without risk, but the potential reward here is too enticing to pass up on. His cheap price tag also gives you plenty of flexibility for the rest of your lineup.

Catcher: $2,500 Jason Castro- While he isn’t always a solid play, he is when the matchup presents itself. Castro will face Carson Fulmer in what will be an excellent matchup for the entire Twins lineup; making them a strong stack candidate. Given the paucity of options at the catcher position, Castro stands out as one with both stability and upside.

First Base: $3,900 Eric Thames- Thames’ price is at a point where starting him is affordable. He slowed down a bit after his herculean start to the year, but he has still put together a few big games recently. He will look for some more success against Chris Stratton.

Second Base: $4,000 Robinson Cano- Given their excellent matchup with Mike Foltynewicz, the Seattle Mariners are a very strong stack candidate. Cano fares much better against righites, meaning he will have a high chance to turn in a big game. He has a relatively high floor with a very high ceiling as well.

Third Base: $3,200 Kyle Seager- Seager hasn’t had the best season, but that doesn’t mean he can’t put together a solid game. He fares much better against righties, making it a good thing that he will face Mike Foltynewicz. Seager has a relatively high floor as well as a high ceiling.

Shortstop: $3,500 Jean Segura- Segura has enjoyed plenty of success so far this season, and he should find more of that success against Foltynewicz. His ability to get on base makes him a very safe play. You will be hard-pressed to find an option this strong at the shortstop position for a relatively inexpensive price.

Outfield: $3,700 Andrew Benintendi- Benintendi draws a strong matchup with Miguel Gonzalez: a pitcher with a tendency to struggle. He does most of his damage against righties, meaning he will at least have an opportunity to go yard against the right handed Clevinger. Benintendi doesn’t have that much of a floor, but he does have a good deal of upside thanks to his home run potential.

Outfield: $3,400 David Peralta- Peralta, who obliterates righties, draws a matchup with the right handed Robert Gsellman. Peralta has had a bit of a tumultuous season to date and will look to straighten things out tonight. The big game potential is always there for Peralta, making him one of my favorite plays of the night.

Outfield: $3,500 Andrew McCutchen- Albeit the fact that Andrew McCutchen draws a difficult matchup with Alex Wood, Wood has shown some weaknesses that McCutchen will look to exploit. He doesn’t have that high of a floor, but at this price, his ceiling is definitely worth the risk.

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