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Pitcher: $6,900 Michael Wacha- Right handed pitchers this year have done pretty well against the San Francisco Giants, and Wacha should be able to find that same success. Albeit the fact that he has struggled in his last few games, Wacha has shown to be a dominant pitcher at times. There aren’t that many strong options at the pitcher position for tonight, which only makes him a more enticing pick. Also, his price is at a point where it leaves you plenty of flexibility when making the rest of your lineup.

Catcher: $2,900 Matt Wieters- This price seems way too low for the type of production he can offer. Wieters will have the opportunity to have a big game as he draws a matchup with Zach Davies. At a position with a dearth of quality options, Wieters stands out as an excellent pick.

First Base: $3,100 Hanley Ramirez- Albeit the fact that Ramirez is a shell of his former self, he should still be able to turn in a solid game against C.C. Sabathia and the Yankees. He fares much better against lefties, meaning a big game could be in the works against a subpar left hander in Sabathia.

Second Base: $3,500 Daniel Murphy- Murphy and the Nationals face Zach Davies, which means Murphy should have a chance at a big night. He has plenty of home run potential, and is a strong play considering there aren’t that many strong options at second base.

Third Base: $3,300 Derek Dietrich- This is a bit risky of a play, but the potential is there for Dietrich to have a big game. He is a completely different ballplayer when he faces a right handed pitcher, and will face a subpar one in Ben Lively. It also doesn’t hurt that Dietrich comes with a $3,300 price tag.

Shortstop: $4,000 Trea Turner- Turner has shown no signs of regressing after coming off of an extended stint on the DL. He has fared much better against right handed pitchers, making it a good thing that he will face one in Zach Davies. Davies is very inexperienced, making both Turner and his teammates solid picks.

Outfield: $5,200 Giancarlo Stanton- Stanton has been the hottest hitter in baseball this month, and he should find some more success against Ben Lively. This price tag is very steep, but having plenty of value guys available helps stomach the price. He has a fairly high floor, but his ceiling is as high as they come.

Outfield: $2,800 Matt Adams- Him making the move to Atlanta has benefited him greatly. Adams absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he is set to face one in Kyle Hendricks. This is a great value pick as Adams offers an abundance potential for a great price.

Outfield: $3,000 Ender Inciarte- Inciarte is mainly here to offset some of the risk that comes with starting players such as Ramirez, Turner, and Adams. Nevertheless, Inciarte has enjoyed an excellent start to what has been a breakout campaign. He should continue to roll against the right handed Kyle Hendricks.

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