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Pitcher: $10,600 Carlos Carrasco- Carrasco should be able to limit damage in a strong matchup with the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have struggled to put runs on the board at times this year, and Carrasco will look to take advantage of that. He has a relatively high floor for tonights game, as well as a high ceiling thanks to his immense strikeout potential.

Catcher: $2,700 Yasmani Grandal- Grandal has been one of the top hitting catchers in the MLB this year. Seeing as there is a paucity of solid options at the catcher position, anytime that Grandal is facing a righty he is worth a look. There isn’t much risk involved and there is plenty of home run potential; making Grandal an excellent pick. His matchup with Chris Stratton only makes him a more enticing play.

First Base: $2,400 Danny Valencia- Valencia does most of his damage against left handed pitchers; making it a good thing that he is set to face one in Cole Hamels. Hamels has struggled at times this year, meaning the Mariners will have the opportunity to put up a good amount of runs on him. Because of the aforementioned reason, you will want some exposure to the Mariners: something that Valencia gives you. He comes with some risk, but not enough to deter you from starting him.

Second Base: $3,900 Jose Ramirez- Ramirez should be able to reap the rewards in a tremendous matchup with Myles Jaye. He has some home run potential, but since he is a contact hitter there is always a nice floor.

Third Base: $3,100 Mike Moustakas- Moustakas tends to fare much better against right handed pitchers and he is set to face one tonight in Reynaldo Lopez. Lopez has struggled mightily this year, meaning Moustakas should be able to carve together a strong game at the plate.

Shortstop: $3,500 Didi Gregorius- Gregorius has enjoyed a breakout season this year, and his success should continue against Jake Odorizzi. There aren’t that many strong options at the shortstop position, which only makes starting him an easier decision.

Outfield: $2,600 Joc Pederson- Even though Pederson will have the chance to have a big game, he carries a perpetual risk due to his tendency to strike out. Nevertheless, Pederson has as much home run potential as anyone else, an ability that is valued highly.

Outfield: $2,900 Lonnie Chisenhall- Chisenhall has had a surprisingly strong start to the year, and his success should carry over for tonight. Given their excellent matchup with Myles Jaye, the Cleveland Indians are a very strong stack candidate. Chisenhall has a relatively high floor, but he has excellent home run potential as well.

Outfield: $3,300 Jay Bruce- Bruce should be able to take advantage of his matchup with Myles Jaye. There is always risk that comes with Bruce due to his tendency to whiff, but not enough to stop you from starting him. He doesn’t have that high of a ceiling, but he has plenty of big game potential thanks to his power.

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