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Pitcher: $8,600 Ervin Santana- Right handed pitchers this year have done pretty well against the New York Yankees, and Santana should be able to find that same success. Albeit the fact that he struggled a bit a couple of weeks ago, Santana has put together a dominant season. There aren’t that many strong options at the pitcher position for tonight, which only makes Santana a more enticing pick. Also, his price is at a point where it leaves you a decent amount of flexibility when making the rest of your lineup.

Catcher: $2,600 Yasmani Grandal- Grandal has been one of the top hitting catchers in the MLB this year. Seeing as there is a paucity of solid options at the catcher position, anytime that Grandal is facing a righty he is worth a look. There isn’t much risk involved and there is plenty of home run potential; making Grandal an excellent pick. His matchup with Nick Pivetta only makes him a more enticing play.

First Base: $4,600 Cody Bellinger- There is always some risk that comes with inserting rookies into your lineup, but Bellinger has looked like a seasoned veteran throughout his stint in the majors. As I said in the aforementioned paragraph, the Los Angeles Dodgers draw an excellent matchup with Pivetta, making them a potential stack candidate. That means you will want to have a good deal of exposure to the Dodgers.

Second Base: $2,600 Chase Utley- If Utley is in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting lineup, he will be a quality DFS play. His price point is very low, meaning he could end up being a great value play. The veteran Utley fares much better versus right handed pitchers, making it a good thing that he will face one in Nick Pivetta.

Third Base: $3,100 Derek Dietrich- This is a bit risky of a play, but the potential is there for Dietrich to have a big game. He is a completely different ballplayer when he faces a right handed pitcher, and will face a subpar one in Matt Harvey. It also doesn’t hurt that Dietrich comes with a $3,100 price tag.

Shortstop: $3,100 Corey Seager- Seager has had a very strong season, and that should continue tonight. He absolutely obliterates righties, making it a good thing that he will face one in Nick Pivetta. He has a fairly high floor as well as a very high ceiling.

Outfield: $4,000 Giancarlo Stanton- Stanton has been the hottest hitter in baseball this month, and he should find some more success against Matt Harvey. This price tag is very steep, but having plenty of value guys available helps stomach the price. He has a fairly high floor, but his ceiling is as high as they come.

Outfield: $2,300 Joc Pederson- Even though Pederson will have the chance to have a big game, he carries a perpetual risk due to his tendency to strike out. Nevertheless, Pederson has as much home run potential as anyone else, an ability that is valued highly.

Outfield: $4,000 Christian Yelich- Yelich has put together an excellent recent stretch of games, and his success should continue against Luis Castillo. He performs better against righties, and will have the opportunity to do some damage against a subpar one. He has a fairly high floor as well as a lofty ceiling.

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