This is my first daily fantasy baseball article of the season and I am ready to get back into the swing of things (no pun intended). In this article I will be highlighting my favorite players at each position. If you would like to receive a daily fantasy baseball lineup, you can purchase one below.

Pitcher: $9,000 Kenta Maeda- There will likely be two pitchers on tonights slate that soak up the majority of ownership. Those two players are Kenta Maeda and Lance McCullers Jr. Of the two I like Maeda more in cash games and McCullers in tournaments. Maeda may seem as if he has a high ceiling because of his high strikeout rate, but the Dodgers rarely allow him to pitch deep into ballgames, regardless of how well he is pitching. McCullers carries a high strikeout rate as well and has a bit higher of a ceiling because of the Astros’ willingness to go deep into games. Both have matchups with righty-heavily, soft-hitting lineups and that bodes well for them having success. Maeda also gets an added bonus since he will be pitching in the pitcher-friendly confines of AT&T Park. Luis Castillo is also very cheap for his talent level and will carry very low ownership.

Catcher/First Base: $3,800 Anthony Rizzo- Rizzo has gotten off to a dreadful start to the season, but this is definitely a slump-busting matchup. Rizzo destroys righties and a below average one will be pitching to him for a majority of the game. He has a lofty ceiling and shouldn’t carry as much ownership as he usually would. Joey Votto is another strong pay-up option.

Second Base: $2,900 Scooter Gennett- Gennett has one of the highest ceilings of any player in the MLB. He showcased that lofty ceiling when he tied the all-time record with four home runs in a single game. While you shouldn’t expect him to ever repeat that performance, he is still an intriguing tournament play anytime he steps onto the diamond and is facing a righty.

Third Base: $2,800 Tim Beckham- CC Sabathia is far from the dominant pitcher he once was and that fact has me toying with a Baltimore Orioles stack tonight. Tim Beckham had an outstanding second half of the season once he was traded to the Orioles last year. While he has yet to perform at that same level to start the season, he should break out of his slump sooner rather than later.

Shortstop: $3,800 Manny Machado- I love the idea of pairing Machado with Beckham in both cash games and tournaments. Machado has a very high floor as well as a sky-high ceiling. Not only is he facing an inferior pitcher, but he also will be playing in a hitters park.

Outfield: $2,600 Matt Joyce- This is a pick that should fly under the radar in tonights large slate. You will need to find salary relief somewhere in order to pay up for the players you want, and Joyce offers that. He performs much better against right handed pitchers and will be facing an inexperienced one in Parker Bridwell.

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