Tonight features a seven game slate and in my opinion, that is the perfect size for a slate. Four game slates are too small and anything above ten feels a bit overwhelming. This MLB season has gotten off to an exciting start and I hope that continues. An exciting MLB season makes daily fantasy baseball more fun and exciting.

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7:05 pm San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia Phillies

San Francisco Giants pitching: I want to get this entire article posted by 10 am EST so I will be saving time where I can. Luckily I can save some time here since Jeff Samardzija should not be on your radar. He has not lasted long in any of his games and the strikeouts haven’t been there either. The Phillies lineup strikes out at a very high rate, but I don’t expect Samardzija to take advantage of that. Bottom line: try to avoid Samardzija as much as possible since he is a deep tournament flyer at best.

Philadelphia Phillies pitching: Surprisingly enough Zach Eflin is my favorite value play of the night. He performed very well in his season debut last week and I expect more of the same tonight. This slate is rather deprived when it comes to pitching options and Eflin will likely be my second highest-owned pitcher. The San Francisco Giants are a strong team against lefties, but they struggle against right handed pitching. That bodes well for Eflin as he should have little difficulty navigating around this lineup. Bottom line: Eflin is my favorite value pitcher of the slate and is a strong play in all formats.

San Francisco Giants hitting: Because of the exposure I will be having to Eflin, I will be avoiding the Giants offense as a whole. Bottom line: there aren’t any Giants players that will make it into my lineup.

Philadelphia Phillies hitting: While I won’t have any exposure to Jeff Samardzija, I won’t be loading up on the Phillies offense either. Rhys Hoskins is always viable if you have the cash, while Nick Williams and Odubel Herrera are decent value options. Bottom line: Rhys Hoskins, Nick Williams, and Odubel Herrera are all secondary plays; primarily in cash games.

7:10 pm New York Mets vs Cincinnati Reds

New York Mets pitching: P.J. Conlon will be making his MLB debut tonight in place of the injured Jacob DeGrom. This isn’t a bad spot for him to be making his debut given the fact that it is against the lowly Cincinnati Reds. Pitchers that are making their career debuts always tend to have inflated ownership, and while he is in a great spot, I will be fading him since he isn’t a highly touted prospect. Bottom line: Conlon is an enigma and that makes him an interesting tournament play, but I will be fading him.

Cincinnati Reds pitching: On the mound for the Reds is Homer Bailey. Bailey is one of my favorite pitchers to see on a schedule, but for all the wrong reasons. He tends to give up runs in bunches and doesn’t strike out enough batters to be viable in tournaments. Bottom line: Avoid him in all formats.

New York Mets hitting: The Mets have plenty of hitters who perform well against righties. Those hitters are Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Conforto, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Jay Bruce. Bottom line: Cespedes is one of my favorite tournament plays given his current price tag and is a decent play in cash games as well. Conforto and Bruce are secondary plays in both cash games and GPP’s, while Cabrera is only viable if you have the salary space.

Cincinnati Reds hitting: The Reds perform better against righties so there aren’t that many players to highlight here. Bottom line: Eugenio Suarez is my preferred target here while Jose Peraza and Adam Duvall are secondary plays.

8:05 pm Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers

Detroit Tigers pitching: Michael Fulmer is on the mound for the Tigers tonight and he is one of the better pitching options on the slate. He draws a very boom or bust matchup with the Texas Rangers since they strike out at a high clip, but the also hit home-runs at a high rate. Bottom line: on a slate with limited pitching options, Fulmer is one of the preferred targets in both cash games and tournaments.

Texas Rangers pitching: Matt Moore draws the start for the Rangers, but don’t expect him to last very long. Moore is one of the easiest pitchers in the MLB to stack against; as evidenced by his 7.67 ERA across seven starts. Bottom line: as will be the case for the entire season, avoid Moore in all formats.

Detroit Tigers hitting: The Tigers are actually my favorite team stack of the slate. I don’t expect them to score the most fantasy points, but when you factor in price and ownership, they become the clear top stack of the slate. It also doesn’t hurt that their lineup is made up of nearly exclusively righties. Bottom line: John Hicks, Victor Martinez, and JaCoby Jones are elite plays, while Nicholas Castellanos and Jeimer Candelario are secondary plays because of their price.

Texas Rangers hitting: Michael Fulmer is one of the better pitchers on the slate and I like him more than the Rangers’ offense, so I will be limiting my exposure to the Rangers. Nevertheless, there are a couple of players that are on my radar. Joey Gallo is always viable in tournaments and Nomar Mazara is a strong play as well given the way he has been swinging the bat recently. Bottom line: Gallo is a secondary tournament play and Mazara is a secondary play in both cash games and tournaments.

8:05 pm Miami Marlins vs Chicago Cubs

Miami Marlins pitching: Jarlin Garcia has gotten off to an outstanding start to the season, but I don’t expect him to keep it up for much longer. The Cubs feature one of the better lineups against left handed pitching in the MLB, and I don’t have that much confidence in Garcia. Bottom line: I will be avoiding Garcia tonight.

Chicago Cubs pitching: Kyle Hendricks isn’t a pitcher I usually roster, but I will be making an exception tonight. A matchup against the Miami Marlins is the MLB equivalent of a point guard going up against Isaiah Thomas. Bottom line: Hendricks is an elite play in all formats and is the second best pitcher on the board overall.

Miami Marlins hitting: The Marlins are a soft hitting team going up against an experienced pitcher. I don’t expect big things from the Marlins whenever they are facing a subpar pitcher, and especially not here. Bottom line: there isn’t a single Marlins player on my radar tonight and that will be the case for the majority of the season.

Chicago Cubs hitting: Jarlin Garcia is still a mystery to the DFS community. I keep stacking against him, but he keeps turning in strong outings. I won’t be stacking the Cubs tonight since Garcia has earned enough of my respect so I will be avoiding stacking against him. Bottom line: Albert Almora, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Willson Contreras are all secondary plays because of how well they have performed against lefties in their careers.

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