It has been a while since I have posted one of these articles, but I am looking to get back into the swing of things. Tonight only has four games scheduled, but there are a couple of interesting spots to target.

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Pitcher: $6,400 Brandon McCarthy- Last year the San Diego Padres were my favorite team to stream pitchers against. They rarely hit home runs and they struck out at an alarmingly high rate. Things haven’t changed much since last year as the Padres are still one of my favorite teams to stack pitchers against. McCarthy has struggled so far this season, yet he has still put together a couple of solid outings. There are only eight pitchers on tonights slate, and because of that, McCarthy is a better play than he usually would be. Thanks to his low price, McCarthy is my favorite pitcher for both cash games and tournaments.

First Base: $3,000 Tyler Austin- Austin is one of my favorite tournament plays on the entire slate. He absolutely destroys left handed pitching, and he draws a matchup with an inexperienced one in Blake Snell. Austin should fly under the radar and he will carry a very low ownership rate because of it. Paul Goldschmidt is the best overall hitter on the board, but I will only pay up for him is I can work his salary into my lineup.

Outfield: $2,600 Michael Conforto- $2,600 is far too cheap for a player of Conforto’s caliber. He is one of my favorite plays of the entire slate and I will have plenty of exposure to him. He performs much better against right handed pitchers so thankfully he will be facing a subpar one.

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