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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Advice 5/15/17

I have enjoyed some recent success in daily fantasy baseball contests so I have decided to start writing daily fantasy baseball lineup advice articles. Tonight features a relatively small seven game main slate, but nevertheless there are strong matches to pursue.... Continue Reading →


Francisco Lindor or Trea Turner: Who is the best shortstop in the MLB?

Ask even a casual baseball fan which position (excluding pitcher) they feel is the most important and shortstop will be the consensus. It is one of the most physically demanding positions on the field, but also requires plenty of skill... Continue Reading →

2017 MLB MVP Award Contenders After April

The first month of the baseball season is now over and it has been an exciting one. The Washington Nationals have proven themselves to be the best offense in baseball and Eric Thames enjoyed a torrid start to the year after... Continue Reading →

4 trades that the Washington Nationals need to make

The Washington Nationals have been in the situation that not many MLB teams want to be in: they are good enough to be a perennial playoff team, but once they are in the playoffs, they don't seem to be able... Continue Reading →

How lefty/righty splits affect Daily Fantasy Baseball

In today's MLB, teams have specific lineups and players that they employ whenever a lefty is pitching or whenever a righty is pitching. This is something that has been present since the 1930s and 1940s, but it has been taken a... Continue Reading →

NBA Mock Draft 2017

There are great college basketball games on tonight and plenty of NBA talent is being featured in those games. There hasn't been that many changes at the top of the draft, but plenty of players have risen or fallen due to... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Baseball 2017 Draft Advice

This year sees plenty of budding superstars rising up the ranks such as Trea Turner, Mookie Betts, and Kris Bryant. Mike Trout will yet again go first overall in most drafts, and if you have the chance to pick him,... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 3/27/17

It has been a while since I have put out a daily fantasy basketball article so hopefully my picks will continue to prove accurate. Yesterday saw Lou Williams, Russell Westbrook, Nikola Mirotic, and Rajon Rondo as the stars of the... Continue Reading →

How The DeMarcus Cousins Trade Affects The Landscape Of The NBA

In the biggest blockbuster trade of this year-to-date, DeMarcus Cousins was traded from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans. The star big man was known as being a cancer in the locker room and that was getting in... Continue Reading →

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