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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 3/13/18

After last night's minuscule slate, tonight and its eleven game slate is a welcome sight. Because of the size of the slate, there are plenty of strong plays to choose from and worrying about ownership won't be nearly as important... Continue Reading →


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 3/12/18

Last night featured a very eventful Sunday slate, but tonight's slate isn't looking anywhere near as good. Nevertheless, there are a couple of interesting situations and matchups that could make it an intriguing slate. Our NBA player projections are now... Continue Reading →

FD, DK, Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 2/12/18

Tonight we have a six game slate, which in my opinion, is the perfect slate size for NBA DFS. Anything slate smaller than six is just not that exciting, whereas anything larger is a bit overwhelming. Instead of just focusing... Continue Reading →

FanDuel, Draft Kings, Yahoo Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 2/6/18

Instead of just focusing on players based on how good of a play they are on FanDuel, I have decided to expand my analysis to Draft Kings and Yahoo as well. That also means that you can now purchase lineups... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 2/5/18

The official end of football season was capped off with an excellent Super Bowl. There were plenty of memorable moments and the team we all wanted to win ended up victorious. This means all the focus will now be on... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 1/31/18

Last night was one of the best slates of the entire season. James Harden put together a historic performance on his way to having the highest scoring fantasy performance of the year. As expected, stacking the Detroit Pistons ended up... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 1/30/18

I haven't really had that good of a look at tonight's slate, but as of right now it is looking like one of the best slates of the season. My preferred strategy when it comes to NBA lineup building is... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 1/26/18

Looking back on last night's slate I have some serious regrets. I wish I had more exposure to both Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook, and less exposure to Hassan Whiteside. Nevertheless, I was able to cash in most of my... Continue Reading →

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice 1/24/18

It has been a while since I have posted one of these articles and I will be posting them daily from here on out. Tonight has a robust nine game Wednesday slate after a high scoring five game slate on... Continue Reading →

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